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New yacht

When purchasing a new yacht we recognise that it is going to be ‘bare-boat’.

We can assist in the installation of new parts or equipment, with your long-term enjoyment in mind.

Yacht Delivery

We have a pool of highly experienced and professional sailors from which we draw our delivery teams.

Our first priority is the safe passage of your yacht and
her crew. We welcome you to join for all or part
passage. Whether you want to gain more
experience with the intention of learning
on route or simply just enjoy the sailing
the choice is yours.

A no-nonsense approach is taken throughout the duration of the delivery. We appreciate that you have entrusted the care of your yacht to us. We take pride in ensuring that your precious yacht is in the safest of hands. On arrival our crew undertake a thorough checklist to ascertain the status of the yacht and post arrival complete a ‘deep-clean’ and arrival check-list. All we ask is that fundamental safety equipment is onboard, operational and in date — if not then we are on hand help purchase or hire these for you.


We price competitively for the product we offer, providing an inclusive pricing structure leaving you with no surprises.

Please contact us for a quote and details.


It is our aim to remove your stress involved in the delivery of your yacht. As much as we can, we will keep you posted with progress.

A useful distinction to make is between that of cruising and delivery. Our delivery team is there to ensure your yacht gets from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in the safest and most time efficient route.

We carefully select our skippers and support them fully to ensure that your trust to us is fulfilled and yacht safely delivered.