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Hints and Tips

In this section we will add useful tips and training points that we have found to be helpful to students and crews alike.

How to tutorials

To match the new look and feel web site, we are updating our online tutorials. If you are missing an old resource, please let us know and we will furnish you!

What would you like to know?

Let us know what is confusing and does not make sense.

Coastal or Ocean Sailing... Some suggestions to help prepare

Wet wipes are a wonderful invention and go a long way to help you keep you clean and fresh! Caribinas are really handy to hang things up with and stop then getting lost. Do not underestimate how handy a good bivi bag is (worth every penny)! Consider packing kit into dry bags, when everything gets wet all around... Don’t forget that all important head torch (red and white light) invaluable for on deck and below.