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Own boat tuition

In a position where you have bought a yacht (or part own) and feeling nervous about pushing yourself and your yacht? Or perhaps, you have been sailing for sometime
and are looking to build the confidence to move yourself to the next level?

At White-Ocean our instructors are all experienced skippers in their own
right, and are there to help guide your through your first-days of
ownership. They can help improve your technical skills and you
can become more confident in what you are doing onboard. Their
informal and friendly approach will help put you at ease and
relax you in your learning.

You will be able to learn at your own pace with a dedicated
professional by your side offering encouragement and
support without the ties of a formal yachting
qualification syllabus.

Tuition is tailored to suit your needs and those of the people
you sail with; perhaps your partner or children — young and old.
Invariably aspects of the programme will include how to do
things safely, handling boat under power and sail in addition
to how to go about making a passage (the preparation through to arrival).