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Events and Team Building

Our sister company OneFathom Ltd focuses
on team development and corporate events both on and off the water. The One Fathom team’s focus is on providing you and your team with the unique day you want. No two companies are the same; so pride is taken in developing a bespoke day tailored around what you want to achieve.

Quite simply, One Fathom love delivering a quality product that meets your needs and gives everyone a positive feeling and memorable day. All are encouraged to get involved, taking ownership of their day.

Our sister company ‘OneFathom’ offers a host of options and choices on and off the water:

  1. Corporate events

  2. Team building

  3. Management under pressure     

  4. Corporate ‘Fun’ day

  5. Team challenge leadership board

  6. 2-3 day intensive open water team build

  7. 3-7 team build and skill development

For more information, please contact: