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Drills and Skills

Bespoke Training for Your Needs

Ideal for those of you who have undertaken training or perhaps have experience and are keen to develop specific aspects or skill sets further.

For example:

Drills and Skills is designed to develop you in your chosen areas. You design the syllabus to focus entirely on the areas where you want to learn or practise, with fan and enjoyment built in.

Length of training and course content are fully flexible to your needs and deliver the optimum return within your time and budget.

Join the dots together

This course is perfect if you are looking to spend a little time joining the dots together. A great way to build confidence and remember skills that you thought you may have forgotten. An excellent refresher course before shooting off on any big adventure.

  1. Boat Handling

  2. Sail Handling

  3. Pontoon Bashing

  4. Berthing Skill-sets

  1. Helming

  2. Wind Awareness

  3. Spinnaker Sailing

  4. Yacht Engine