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RYA Courses

Formal sailing qualifications can be delivered and awarded through partnership with Stormforce. The qualifications are recognised and respected worldwide.

Start Yachting

This is the first ‘ticket’ in learning to sail.

A little like freshers week; here you are not expected to know anything but it gives you opportunity to spend time on the water and discover what being on a boat is like.

Competent Crew

The next step from ‘Start Yachting’.

This qualification means you have achieved a basic level of seamanship and can open doors if you are looking to crew on yachts.

During this course you will get taught the basics of seamanship and how to be a good crew member onboard. The focus of this course is to empower you with the skill-sets you need to be safe.

Day Skipper

By now, not only have you seen the sea, but you’ve been on a boat and know the basics.  This course is about you developing your skills and knowledge further so that you have the ability and confidence to take command of a boat and be the Skipper!

From here you will have the power to go out into the big blue yonder and charter your own boat.

Yacht Captain

You have taken the leap and now thinking about going for the big one!

We recognise that undertaking your Yachtmaster is no small decision or feat. Our practical preparation does not limit the scope of the course to the examination alone. We work to empower you and provide you with the confidence and skills you actually need to be a safe and successful skipper.

Our approach is friendly, intuitive and progressive. We want you to succeed. We will be honest and upfront about where you are at whilst supporting you every step of the way.